3D Laser scanning & the Severn Partnership

Severn Who ?

So where do 3D laser scanning and the Severn Partnership fit in ?

SEEABLE LLP is a sister company to the established Chartered Geomatics company Severn Partnership Ltd.

By using the 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling skills of Severn Partnership, SEEABLE is able to create new 3D models and building information models (BIM) from scratch where no data exists.  Severn have been surveying since 1983 and laser scanning as early adopters since 2004.  Their key clients are engineering consultants and their surveyors are site based, hence the knowledge of and focus on safety briefings and safe systems of work.


Why is laser scanning important ?

Take a 500,000 Volt Super-transformer, with the air around it fizzing with electricity.  You do not want to get close to it to take direct measurements !  Laserscanning allows the surveyor to observe 900,000 survey points a second to an accuracy of +/- 3mm.  This is done using reflectorless measurements from a distance of up to 200m.

So, it is very fast measurement (minimising time in a dangerous environment), highly accurate (data can be used for retrofit design work), and captures all the intricacies of a complex 3D environment ready to model it in 3D (giving confidence and quality assurance).


HDS laser scanning - Point cloud of power plant

HDS laser scanning – Point cloud of power plant


Visualising safety zones

Using 3D model & visualising safety zones as a SEEABLE APP


3D Laser scanning – point cloud visualisation:

Old Market Hall Shrewsbury – 3D laser scanning Point cloud from Severn Partnership on Vimeo.


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