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Rail 3D model from BIM

Rail 3D model from BIM


Thinking of a way to showcase your designs, ideas, products or developments – then creating a 3D model or rendered image could be the way to do it.  We can explain to you the process for mode creation and all the

If you do not have 3D content, we can create it for you !  By either extracting it from your imagination and building a virtual scene or model from scratch, or by using the latest 3D laserscanning techniques to capture reality true to scale and detail (such as the lambeth model below).

What are the options ?  So many it can be confusing, but have a look through the examples below and contact us to talk through the options.  We will steer you on the correct path, keeping in mind your end need – be it Marketing, Stakeholder Engagement or engineering design.


Model creation:

* from scratch & imagination

* from 3D laserscanning & reality capture

* from existing 3D model or AEC design data

* from a BIM (building information model) or BIM object


Model Rendering & shading:

* Basic flat colour (Lambeth Image)

* Simple textures (Kings House)

* Texture mapping from photography (Quarry landscape)

* Augmenting a photograph (Chester business park sign)

* Creating static Jpeg images of the model – such as the examples below


Once you have got this far, SEEABLE can kick into top gear and provide a host of other ways to visualise your new 3D content.


Make more of your 3D content

* Animated flythroughs  (to AVI, MOV or MP4 files) – see our SEEABLE 3D studio page.

* Create an Augmented Reality App that uses phones or tablets camera to superimpose your model into the camera scene

* Go the whole hog and create walkthrough of the model

* Go cutting edge and dive into the matrix by publishing your model to immersive virtual reality using Oculus Rift


Share your 3D content with clients, prospects or the public

* Create a Youtube or vimeo channel to host your 3D animations

* Embed your model for people to see and explore like this



The most important message – “DON’T PANIC” – this is what we do.  Call to discuss your ideas and we can give you a costed, timed proposal designed to meeting you expectations and hit your communication goals.  We can even help create a vimeo channel for streaming 3D animations to your website or embedding them in you emails – just ask.


Want to know more ?   Then get in touch now to talk through your requirements to make your project SEEABLE – email makeit@seeable.co.uk call 07970702083 or Tweet us @Makeitseeable !


Lambeth scan to BIM

Lambeth scan to BIM


Rendered building model

Kings House model


3D visualisation - quarry

3D visualisation – quarry


Augmenting reality & models

Augmenting reality & models