BIM Meets Call of Duty – serious games made Seeable !

BIM meets call of duty

BIM meets call of duty

Seeable have been full speed ahead on R&D with the addition of Davide Heesom to the team – a reader in BIM from Wolverhampton University.

Now three months into his secondment, Dave is bringing his skills in research, years of Construction knowledge and BIM expertise to Seeable, looking at how to spread the benefits of BIM to a wider audience than just architects & engineering design teams.  Over a number of projects, Dave has been able to aid in the creation of our bespoke BIM visualisations, simplifying embedded BIM information to ‘Make-it-Seeable’ and Augmenting BIM data to add value. How – by serious games application using the latest games engine tech.

Read Dave’s Chartered Institute of Building article …

Why games engine tech ?  Well, the next generation have moved on from lego construction and what the do for fun is Minecraft & Call of duty. Where’s the link ?  Well these games are usually web connected real time collaborative 3D environments – multiple gamers exploring or building in the same space at the same time, while back in the construction industry, we are laying out A0 plans on the table and visualising complex 3D problems through approximations of 2D surveys & sections.

So if you have a complex 3D design, stakeholders to brief or convince, safety risks to mitigate or clients to impress – pick up the phone and call us at Seeable.

What will we do – generate ideas & solutions to your visualisation problems. Simplify Complexity & Visualise Reality

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