Making safety briefings SEEABLE ?

Construction safety – making briefings SEEABLE ?

Construction projects by their nature are fast moving, complex and involve a host of staff and subcontractors figuring out who / what / where and when on a daily basis.

Communication is usually verbal supported by method statements, risk assessments an some kind of site map or plan that shows roughly where.  This is where we come in as the where is usually under represented and can form a key part of logistics and delays when people get it wrong.

A SEEABLEmap take the base plan and supercharge it to go from printed map to and interactive PC app which:

> shows the site in context by having a background of interactive openstbreetmaps data

> superimposes a digital version of the PDF or site plan on this base data

> Icons to jump into 360 panoramas at key locations (parking / site entrances / briefing points / muster points)

> Geo-locates hazards  / close calls / past incidents with another layer of pushpins

> Database of people who have had a site safety briefing

> Embedded training aids from PDFs to animated 3D, timeline sliders, key site rules

360 Pano in SEEABLEmap

360 Pano in SEEABLEmap

This kind of tool aids understanding, overcomes language barriers, demonstrates a commitment to safety and overall improves logistical planning.  Being able to have a virtual site walkthrough may also save carbon from avoiding unnecessary trips to site.

Most importantly, are tools are developed with feedback from our safety team to embed the training or briefing information that is pertinent to your particular site.  If you need a tablet App or Web app – thats what we deliver.  If you need a PC App to train people in a large room with a touch controlled 75 inch touch screen or a bespoke VR suite with HTC Vive, no problem.

We talk you your management team to create a cost effective App that works for you.

SEEABLEmap visualisation app

SEEABLEmap visualisation app

If you have 3D data or have commissioned a 3D survey then our SEEABLE Apps become ‘i3D’ or Interactive 3D site apps and the level of briefing jumps again !


Hazards & Asbestos visualisationHazards & Asbestos visualisation

Sparked some ideas ?  Want to know more ?    Then get in touch now to talk through your requirements to make your project SEEABLE !

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