SEEABLE at Digital Construction Week #DCW15 London


Dr Nigel Moore, Director at SEEABLE Ltd will be on stage in the Next Generation Technologies panel session at today’s Digital Construction week show (#DCW15) in Islington talking about how #AR,  #VR and detailed 3D modelling will play an increased part in construction projects of the future.  Technology advances, cloud computing and internet connectivity are being matched by both a public and private push for efficiency, cost saving and collaboration – all of which lead to interesting times for our industry !

Where do SEEABLE visualisations sit in all this !  We enable better communication by allowing site situational awareness & hazard briefings with SEEABLEmaps and we spread the benefit of as built or design 3D models to non technical users like marketing teams, safety managers and stakeholder engagement professionals.

What can we do that the big software houses cannot ?

– We make visualisations bespoke to your needs

– We include video content playing of a virtual wall in your building

– We hide access to parts of a model or design

– We embed 360 panoramic images to allow visualisation of actual site conditions & enable better briefings, communication & save trips to site !

– We can visualise live streams of ‘Internet of Things’ data through our visualisations

– We combine data from openstreetmaps to landscape terrain models to put your site in context


So if you want to show off your design to win awards, take 3D to the next level using immersive VR from Oculus rift or simply communicate risk to construction teams by better visualisation of geo-referenced hazards, then call the SEEABLE team !


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Scan to BIM to visualisation

Scan to BIM to visualisation



Session content #DCW15

Session content #DCW15

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