Location & visualisation of safety risk

We have added more safety visualisation tools to our plant visualisation Apps !   Once 3D or BIM (building information modelling) data is available for  a plant room, then there is the potential to utilise it for mitigating safety risk by re-purposing it as a Seeable safety App.

Why bother ?   Usually, safety risks are listed in Risk Assessments & Method statements, buried in stacks of paper; with site inductions likewise being powerpoint or paper heavy.  Our visualisation of safety risk Apps are easy to understand and easy to navigate in an intuitive way.  Why describe where risks are when you can visualise them in 3D, navigating around the area of plant where works are planned and being able to drill down into the specifics by simply a touch on the information icon, or selecting a drop down menu to highlight all high pressure pipes or danger areas.   Locating Asbestos is a great example of how this can benefit a site – one touch or click to highlight all asbestos discovered on site and link to a pop up PDF of the building survey in detail.


Asbestos risk location

Managing Asbestos risk through visualisation

This then starts to remove lack of understanding, quick communicate and jump over any language barriers !  To be used either on site to identify critical information or off site to allow inductions & briefing of staff or contractors due to be carrying out works.

Want to go further ?  Then we can link elements within the visualisation to a database of information which can be added to whist you are physically walking around the plant room with an android or apple tablet.  Add new incidents, risks & hazards to the App – why record details in an accident book if this does not show exactly where the accidents took place !

Still want more ?  Watch this space as our Seeable Labs team are working on active geo-location technology that is able to pinpoint where you are on site, giving you a head start in locating & visualising risks in that area.

Plant safety App 1



Plant safety App 2

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