Morson Projects – Industrial retrofit project

Industrial plant App

Industrial plant App

Severn Partnership & Seeable were commissioned by Morson projects to carry out a full Scan > model > visualise project where a large room of industrial plant was due to be taken down and rebuilt in another factory abroad.

The project started with reality capture of the as built equipment using 3D laserscanning, followed by on site panoramic high resolution images being observed (the camera icon in the image above.  This was completed within a day on site, gathering point cloud data accurate to +/-3mm ready for the next step – creating a to scale 3D model of the plant.

The last stage was to take the final model which was to be used by engineers to rebuild the plant, seal it into a Seeable App and augment the app with aligned Panoramic images.  The final App was published to work on  Windows desktops and handed over as a package of data that will allow the engineers to better understand the as built equipment once dismantled.


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