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SEEABLEmaps for Metro West

Our latest project has been to take our SEEABLEmaps to the next level.  To date, our interactive visualisations that combine Topographical survey with 360degree Panoramic images have been single plans with up to 50... read more

Marconi - in app VR video

New Feature – In App VR video !

In App VR video: We are now able to add animations, videos (MP4, AVI, MOV files) into our virtual reality (VR) visualisations, so as you look around (birdseye view) or walk around the virtual environment,... read more

3D BIM marketing animation

3D BIM marketing animation from Revit BIM families

3D BIM Marketing Animation: Seeable took the 3D Autodesk Revit BIM Families for the innovative design of a structural balcony and created a marketing animation for TDS Midlands.  The first half of the animation hows... read more

Scan to BIM to visualisation

Interactive BIM Visualisation for Anglia Ruskin University

  Seeable were commissioned to take the as built BIM of the Marconi building (scanned and modelled by Severn Partnership) and convert it into an interactive BIM visualisation application. The BIM data was simplified and optimised... read more

SEEABLE – finalists for the Business Achievement Awards

Seeable were nominated and selected as finalists for the Wolverhampton University business achievement awards 2015 ! Recognised for innovative development of  ‘serious games’ applications, research into leveraging ‘Internet of things’ real time data streams and... read more

Runcorn Infrastructure BIMSEEABLE app

Runcorn Viaduct BIM for Infrastructure (BIM4IUK) App

This BIM for Infrastructure project was 3D laserscanned and modelled in Revit BIM by our Sister company Severn Partnership and then passed to SEEABLE to create an interactive visualisation app for PC. We have completed... read more