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Arup – Stakeholder engagement App

Seeable were commissioned by consulting engineers Arup to create a Visualisation App to enable them to review design options in an easy, intuitive way.  The area in question consisted of city centre buildings, highways,... read more

Iipsi website

New Commission – Warwick University IoT Visualisation

Another new project for 2014 – this latest commission is from Warwick University’s International Institute for Product and Service Innovation or IIPSI for short.  The project is to take the existing building’s BIM (Building Information... read more

AR - Augmented Reality

Seeable Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality (AR) is a live view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented  by computer-generated graphics or data. In our example above, click to activate the Seeable App > this activates the iPad or phone... read more

3D animation from BIM

3D animations

3D Animations Most companies with 3D content showcase their products or services with static Jpeg images in PDFs, printed media or on their web pages. There is a better way !  Give the SEEABLE team your... read more

Seeable Safety – There’s an APP for that !

    HSM Magazine features Seeable safety APPs to show how visualisation of safety risk can aid in safety briefings, training and induction… Read the article here… Work in a complex environment ? high risks, dangers, staff to... read more

BIM meets call of duty

BIM Meets Call of Duty – serious games made Seeable !

Seeable have been full speed ahead on R&D with the addition of Davide Heesom to the team – a reader in BIM from Wolverhampton University. Now three months into his secondment, Dave is bringing his... read more