Plant Room M&E BIM Interactive Visualisation

SEEABLE plant room base APP from SEEABLE on Vimeo.


Re-cycling Building Information Modelling (BIM) data to create an interactive SEEABLE plant APP.

3D laser scanning on site to create a high accuracy point cloud of the site provided the base data for a retrofit BIM of mechanical & electrical equipment (M&E) in the plant room.

The model was simplified and intelligence added to allow the user to walk around the scene (explore mode), view from above (examine mode), hide the roof (simplify), and seed with safety messages for individual elements of M&E equipment.

This creates an intuitive environment for both technical and non technical users to explore the data, saving time on site visits or used as a breifing priot to design or works on the plant room.


  • Re-use existing information
  • Augment with jpegs, information, FM data, PDFs, safety exclusion areas
  • Add pano images for better visualisation
  • Better communication


  • Safety briefings & Inductions
  • Situational awareness
  • Engineering, Architectural design, M&E
  • Client Visualisation

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M&E BIM Visualisation

M&E BIM Visualisation

M&E BIM Visualisation

M&E BIM Visualisation

Plant M&E APP

Scan to BIM – 3D Point cloud from laser scanning survey from Severn Partnership on Vimeo.