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AR - Augmented Reality

AR – Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a live view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented  by computer-generated graphics or data.

In our example above, click to activate the Seeable App > this activates the iPad or phone rear camera > the camera looks for an AR marker (this can be a business card or conventional 2D plan) > when identified, the marker acts as the origin to project an image of our 3D visualisation onto the desk > superimposing it on the camera image.

What use is it ?  Well in Architecture for example, we can start to better visualise a design by intuitively looking around it instead of staring at plans and elevations. Alternatively, it can be utilised to visualise a new design over a camera image of the old features.  This means that if we have an AR marker on the wall of a locked plant room, we could use the App to effectively see through the wall and visualise a 3D virtual version of the plant room.

So, we can create the 3D content, or re-use existing 3D, Revit or BIM data to create an AR Seeable App for you.  For stakeholder engagement, safety, marketing, design decisions – the limit is your imagination !

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