SEEABLE goes superfast with the OBB team

Superfast SEEABLE
Superfast SEEABLE

SEEABLE & Sister company Severn Partnership have gone superfast to enable faster delivery of projects, cloud computing and client collaboration.

Superfast broadband enables businesses like the SEEABLE to become more competitive by accessing technologies such as cloud computing and software as a service which are likely to reduce costs and improve productivity. Super-fast broadband can also facilitate mobile and home working, offer improved supply chain collaboration and makes all on-line activity faster and more efficient.

This has proved particularly relevant to SEEABLE & Severn Partnership with the nature of the work they do. Typical projects 20 years ago would be ‘zipped up’ and fit onto one of the old floppy disks. A phrase that would bring humour to the ‘minecraft’ generation. With the advancement of laser scanning and data increasing exponentially over the last 5 years, a typical project would now need 25,000+ ‘floppy disks’.

This has now increased even further with our new Severn’s mobile surveying service. This is a vehicle mounted instrument capturing data on the move. A 20 minute journey surveying the M6 for 10 miles created over 50GB of data. Multiply that several times per day, 7 days a week and the data becomes an enormous amount, very quickly.

The optimising broadband team have been exceptional in the support and advice they have offered with a smooth expert transition to optimise our business broadband.