SEEABLE is out in the wild ……

SEEABLE is up and running….


But what is it !

SEEABLE was created to bring the world of 3D to the masses, allowing non technical access to complex 3D data in an intuitive APP environment – no software required.

We saw all the effort going in to create 3D models and Building Information Models (BIM), for them to just reside with design teams and at best get through to Facilities Managers (FM) in some form.  All of this work requiring high end technical software, or model viewers aimed at design teams.


So where do we come in ?

We take 3D data or use laser scanning to create 3D from scratch, host it in a games engine environment and augment it to add value.   Taking the principles or Games Based Learning (GBL) or ‘Serious Games‘ to explore or examine the models and get a message across.

The message could be simple situational awareness – virtually visiting a site from your ipad or desktop. Or giving a critical safety briefing or induction that needs to communicate danger and risks effectively.


What’s the benefit ?

We can give your company, project or tender a USP over your competition.  Demonstrating innovative recycling of existing data or the creation of a new 3D resource that can then be re-used itself for architectural or engineering design.

If you have ISO9001:2008 Quality standard or OHSAS18001:2007 Safety standard, then every year, you need to be demonstrating continual improvement in your systems.  So if you have started using 3D or BIM, make the most out of your data by re-using it for safety briefings, PR, or simply providing non technical access to key decision makers and stakeholders.

Raising levels of communication be it for safety, publicity, design or management will always eliminate misunderstandings, wasted time and hopefully injuries.


What does it look like in action:

Supertransformer – Safety briefing APP from SEEABLE on Vimeo.


Want to know more – we love to talk, so call us on 08700 34 2222 or email to discuss how we could bring value to your business