SEEABLEmaps for Metro West

Our latest project has been to take our SEEABLEmaps to the next level.  To date, our interactive visualisations that combine Topographical survey with 360degree Panoramic images have been single plans with up to 50 No Panos.

The Metro West project site survey near Bristol by our Sister company Severn Partnership was 5km for phase 1with 200 panos and 8km for phase 2 with 320+ pano images to embed !  The aim was to visualise site conditions and supplement surveyor / engineer briefings.

The need to complete such large projects has let to further innovations that have enabled us to turn around projects like this in half the time it took last year – better & faster.

If your project could do with the SEEABLE touch, then all we need is:

  • A PDF, DXF, DWG plan or topo survey
  • Access to your site or facility to observe the pano images

We issue you an interactive visualisation for PC, Mac, iPad, Android or live on the web, securely hosted.

Need more information – then download the PDF below or call- we love to talk !

Metrowest2 metrowest