360 Degree Panoramic Imaging

If a picture paints a thousand words, then how about a 360 panorama in all directions ?

We are able to take 360 Panoramic images and enable the benefits of Streetview visualisation for your site, business or attraction.  Using a variety of cutting-edge equipment from Canon Eos camera with nodal ninja or the iStar pictured below we are able to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) spherical images.

The SEEABLE difference is that we craft a visualisation for you with bespoke navigation, custom visual layouts and embedding relevant detail in a simple, non-technical way maximising the benefit of the 360-degree panoramic imaging.

Once we have observed the images, what we do with them is up to you – we can guide you through the options based on the need which could be:

Accident investigation & recording:

Recording incident scenes or documenting the extent of damage to property.  This could be as a disaster recovery pre-empting accidents to aid insurance claims or as evidence for dilapidations on lease properties.

Safety briefing :

Briefing workers and contractors on real site hazards and conditions prior to starting work, having a virtual site tour rather than managers having to visit the site first, saving time and money.

Facilities management:

A 360 degree pictorial record of facilities to aid knowledge management and identify key information clearly and simply.


Record site conditions for programme reports, quality assurance of what was done and have an up to date record for safety briefing

360 Image Virtual Reality tours :

Using a HTC Vive, Oculus or Google cardboard to get a ‘Virtual Reality’ experience

SEEABLEmaps – Embedding 360 images on a 2D CAD plan, PDF or base image

SEEABLE3D – taking an existing building or design 3D model or BIM and embedding 360 images

Click on the image below to rotate the view…

Why choose SEEABLE?

Bespoke visualisation using embedded 360-degree panoramic imaging

Embedding 360-degree panoramic imaging into 3D BIM

iStar 360 panoramic camera

iStar 360 panoramic camera

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