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SEEABLE was created to bring the world of 3D to the masses, allowing non technical access to complex 3D data in an intuitive APP environment – no software required.

We saw all the effort going in to create 3D models and Building Information Models (BIM), for them to just reside with design teams and at best get through to Facilities Managers (FM) in some form. All of this work requiring high end technical software, or model viewers aimed at design teams.


So where do we come in ?

We take 3D design data or use laser scanning to create 3D from scratch, host it in a games engine environment and augment it to add value.

For Sales & Marketing teams – we add sparkle to your media by developing interactive 3D & AR iPad & Android Apps for conferences, pitches and talks.

For AEC design Teams – we visualise designs using AR, VR and interactive 3D Apps for client signoff & review, design showcase and PR

For Refurb Teams – We offer a rapid 3D survey & space planning service.  Surveying up to 20,000 sqft a day and creating space planning ideas next day in some cases for business plans and outline space utilisation ideas pre Architectural design.

For Safety teams – Taking the principles of  ‘Serious Games‘ to explore or examine the models and get a message across. The message could be simple situational awareness – virtually visiting a site from your ipad or desktop. Or giving a critical safety briefing or induction that needs to communicate danger and risks effectively.


What’s the benefit ?

Simplify talks, sales & elevator  pitches

Demonstrate innovation to win tenders

Impress clients and communicate design intent

Save cost & carbon by remote visualisation of sites & facilities

Reduce accidents & wasted time by improved visualisation of site risks

Engage with stakeholders by letting them explore designs, Vistas and viewpoints


What does it take to create a SEEABLE APP ?

Software, hardware, training and expertise in key areas. We have brought together a team with the a skills, knowledge and experience across multiple sectors to provide bespoke solutions, tailored to your needs.

Nick Blenkarn and Mark Combes bring the ability to capture reality (Laserscanning), imagery, scan data and have 50 years Safety, Quality, AEC, Industrial & Rail sector experience between them.

Dr Nigel Moore is our lead applications developer, with a doctorate in ‘Interactive BIM-enabled 4D Construction Planning in Outdoor Augmented Reality’ – takes the data, information, attributes and augments the 3D data with interactive features to provide your bespoke APP.

3D modelling & Coding teams provide the backup to deliver our App development innovations.


Our Core Skills

360 Panoramic image visualisation

Interactive 3D App development (Android, IoS, PC, Mac & Touchscreens)

Augmented Reality (AR) App development

Virtual Reality (VR) App Development

Virtual Training, Briefing & Simulation App development

3D Video animation

Conceptual design visualisation

3D space planning

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