Easily understood answers to frequently asked questions 

I have a 3D model, can SEEABLE re-use it ?    

Yes; if it is a 3D model from AutoCAD, Microstation, ArchiCAD, Revit or Sketchup, then we can import it and re-used it to create an interactive 3D visualisation.  DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC files are ideal and many more, just ask.


I do not have a model, can you still help ?  

Yes; we have the ability to create 3D content from a description, photographs, extruding from 2D plans or even 3D laser scanning to create a dimensionally correct model


How much does it cost ?  

We will agree a fixed price against a clear brief and show you examples of what the final visualisation could look like.  Costs are dependant upon:

  1. If we have to build 3D content from scratch, or you already have a model
  2. The complexity of the detail which needs to be optimised to make it interactive
  3. The number of alterations & changes requested to the final model or visualisation
  4. The simplicity or complexity of features we add in (see below)


What can you add to the visualisation ?  

You tell us what message or details you are trying to communicate and we advise of how a bespoke visualisation would be created to get the message across.  How we augment APPs depends upon the audience and purpose – varying for Stakeholder Engagement, marketing and safety / training, but can include:

  1. 360 degree panoramas to visualise site conditions or existing rooms and spaces
  2. Floating banner text
  3. Animated flythroughs
  4. 3D Markers to geolocate features
  5. Highlight boundaries, areas, volumes and 3D zones
  6. Jump to location feature while in walkabout mode
  7. Hazards identified
  8. Click model elements to display text or add text to a database
  9. Links to web content or data feeds
  10. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours


What can we view it on ?  

Once we have imported and optimised a model, then we have a variety of options for publishing it. Each have benefits for different use cases, and include publishing to:

  • Website – either a HTML page or securely hosted with Ysername & Password & password for clients at portal.seeable.co.uk
  • Desktop – Windows PC and Laptop or Mac OSX
  • Tablet – iOS or Android
  • Mobile – iOS or Android
  • Touchscreen or Kiosk from 43″ to 75″