Animated 3D video from Revit BIM

3D BIM Marketing Animation:

Having invested in a Building Information Modelling workflow, the opportunity then exists to revolutionise the way your designs are marketed.  From either BIM product designs or Architectural models, the SEEABLE developers can transform your 3D data into animated 3D videos.

SEEABLE can  break apart the individual elements of a BIM and use this data to create animated flythroughs for safety demonstrations, construction training or marketing showcases.  Delivering to you an AVI or MP4 video for distribution.

What’s the workflow?

1. 3D source data – This can be 3DS, Revit BIM (FBX), IFC, DWG – all that we need if you you to send us the data, under NDA if required

2. Agree a storyboard – How long the video will last, what text needs to be overlain on the video, what key design points highlighted and any animations within the flythrough (taking the roof off a building or glass flying into a balcony

3. Agree the colouring & texturing – Which determines how well lit or realistic the video animation will look once rendered

4. We create a basic render to check – prior to creating the end deliverable

5. Option for i3D– The animation could be issued as an interactive 3D App for PC, Mac or tablet.  This way, you can move around the scene in real time while the animation plays (see the example below (from 45 seconds in).  Or, as the balcony image below, static jpeg images can be rendered from the same data.

Rail 3D safey briefing & training app from SEEABLE on Vimeo.

5. Option for AR– The animation could be embedded into an Augmented Reality App like this example of the train.

AR Marketing – bespoke Augmented Reality Apps from SEEABLE from SEEABLE on Vimeo.

An Example Revit BIM to 3D Animation project:

Seeable took the 3D Autodesk Revit BIM Families for the innovative design of a structural balcony and created a marketing animation for TDS Midlands.  The first half of the animation hows how the structural elements connect together and explains the innovative features that are the companies unique selling points (this cannot be shown to preserve the product IP).

So, If you have 3D design content or manufacture components using BIM families, we can take that content and create an animation like this for you.  You can then show off your products and design to best effect !

We will talk you through the process, guide you on how to specify your requirements and allow for tweaks along the way until you are happy with the end product.

3D BIM marketing animation

3D BIM marketing animation

All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create a bespoke visualisation app for you that eliminates complex paper plans, allowing for simple non-technical access to complex data.

Want to create your own interactive 3D App ?

Call 01743 875 001tweet or email the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.