Antarctic 360 VR experience for Shropshire Museum

Antarctica- Life in a Hostile Land

360 VR from Antarctica

If you are calling in a team to survey and visualise facilities located at the ends of the earth – who are you going to call?  Our Sister company Severn Partnership has a long standing relationship with BAS with 6 current or former employees having completed work in Antarctica. Their recent 3D laserscanning survey of the Rothera base is now being used to form part of a Museum Exhibition. 3D flythroughs of the point cloud reality capture data were created in house and merged with high resolution UAV drone images.

Antarctica: Life in a Hostile Land



Seeable were called in to use a selection of 360 panoramas of the Halley base to create an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience using HTC Vive.  The Vive headset will allow users to get a taste of what is is like to stand in Antarctica. Something the majority of people will never get a chance to do.

Click and drag of the image below to get a 360 preview:

Viewing this blog on a mobile ? Click the cardboard icon on the 360 image and turn horizontal forVR mode.

360 VR for Google Cardboard

360 VR for Google Cardboard

This is a classic example of the relevance of VR visualisation which in the years to come will be leveraged in many ways from museum experiences to education.


VR Museum experiences

VR Museum experiences

The Museum Exhibition:

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery will be launching the new exhibition – Antarctica: Life in a Hostile Land. The launch night will be on Friday 2nd June 2017 from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.  Guest speakers; Jonathan Walton from Shropshire FIDs and Linda Capper from British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The exhibition promises to provide an exciting insight into our relationship with the most hostile continent on Earth.  Antarctica: Life in a hostile land, offers a thrillingly interactive experience with a combination of prized historic exhibits and modern day technology that will allow you to become immersed in the wonders of the Antarctic continent.

Want to create your own Immersive VR experience ?  Call the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.

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