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Seeable were commissioned by consulting engineers Arup to create a Visualisation App to enable them to review design options in an easy, intuitive way.  The area in question consisted of city centre buildings, highways, drainage, underground services, rail corridor and trackside Pway infrastructure.

What would be the conventional way of reviewing this data – plans, elevations, sections, 3D printouts or at best, a flythough video of the proposed 3D design.

By using a Seeable App, the Arup design team were able to orbit around the area, selecting tickboxes on the App to activate overlays of the areas affected by various design options.  Road names and bridge numbers were detailed and when a highlighted design are was shown, the engineers could select it by touch to display a text box listing the details of the proposed design change.

Also, we were able to put two camera paths through the site, creating flythoughs.  Unlike static video, you are able to actively click as the camera moves through the scene – turning on & off design options, querying features and pausing the flythrough to review the finer details.


This is a great example of what we do – Simplify complexity & visualise reality !

Producing the next level of deliverable:  Plan printout >Wireframe CAD > 3D model > video flythrough > Seeable App

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Stakeholder Engagement App

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