Creating Augmented Reality (AR) from BIM designs

Augmented Reality App development

If you have a 3D modelled AEC design or BIM and need to showcase to prospective clients / purchasers / public what are the options?

Well the standard route is plans, sections and elevations, followed by Architectural CGI, static images and at best a 3D flythrough.   The more forward looking firms have been transitioning from build Architectural models to 3D printed buildings and factories.

So where does Augmented Reality or ’AR’ come in ?

Technology has moved on and if you have a mobile device with a forward facing camera (phone or tablet), SEEABLE can take the 3D design and issue you with an AR app for Android or Apple to make the design ‘Pop’ out of the boardroom table.

The best part – you do not have to work about printing plans, carrying 3D printed models or that non technical people find it hard to interpret 2D data.  It also has the flexibility to view from any angle.

This AR project was created for Steffian Bradley Architects in London who were creating interior retrofit designs for the prestigious ‘Halo Project’.

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality Apps

Located in central London on Euston Road near Kings Cross / St Pancras the The Halo Project (1 Mabledon Place) Pathology Hub is a joint venture between The Doctors Laboratory, University College London Hospitals and the Royal Free Hospital. The 11,500m2 facility is located in a fully refurbished existing mid-20th Century building office building, comprising 11 storeys above ground and five basements arranged as split levels.  Originally this was the Unison building, refurbished around 2014, but requiring a complex retrofit design to accommodate the largest Pathology Lab in the UK.

Seeable are able to create the custom AR application and issue to either Android or Apple phones and tablets.  We can also advise on and acquire for you the hardware needed to run them.

So to enable the client to truly visualise the proposed design, a range of deliverables were created, including an Android AR app and an immersive VR (Virtual Reality) App for PC / Oculus Rift – but that is the next instalment !

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