Virtual Reality VR App development

Virtual Reality VR App development

Developing immersive Virtual Reality (VR) apps There is a lot of hype around Virtual Reality.  From the gaming perspective and thanks to the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook.  If you strip away the ‘next big... read more

VR experience in Antarctica

Antarctic 360 VR experience for Shropshire Museum

360 VR from Antarctica If you are calling in a team to survey and visualise facilities located at the ends of the earth – who are you going to call?  Our Sister company Severn Partnership... read more

Oculus Rift VR

Architectural VR from 3D or BIM

Creating Architectural VR visualisations (for building or facility showcase & Stakeholder Engagement) Need: Paramount to any design and build project is the need to showcase the proposals, convince stakeholders, placate communities, inspire investors and attract occupants ! For the... read more

VR Heritage

Heritage VR visualisation

Heritage VR (Virtual Reality) The immersive experiences you get with virtual reality (VR) can be ideal for visualising historic landmarks and buildings.  3D models are good, but you can only experience so much by looking at a static image... read more

Scan to BIM to visualisation

Bespoke visualisation App development !

Bespoke visualisation App development ! So, you have an idea, have seen some technology and think that a bespoke visualisation app is what you need ?  What’s next is shouting HELP at the internet to... read more

3D historic visualisation

Historic 3D Oculus Visualisation Environment

Historic 3D Oculus Visualisation Environment  From our newest team member; Ben McEwen has been working a year long project for his MA to recreate historic representation of 17th century Old London Bridge. Using the original survey... read more

Wolverhampton University New Science Building

New Commission – BIM Visualisation App for new University science building

  Another new project for 2014 ! Wolverhampton university have commissioned Seeable to create a BIM Visualisation App for the new Science building that is currently under construction (Read about it here). Seeable will be taking the existing... read more