Dynamic new toolkit for training and management

In the UK, it is estimated that by 2020 a third of the workforce will be aged over 50 and approaching retirement. Potentially creating a shortage of skilled workers across a variety of industries, AR is poised not only to address issues faced by the aging workforce, but to fundamentality increase productivity by changing how all employees are trained in the future. Taking educational approaches to the next level, AR will enable organisations to provide their workers with the latest, most accurate information, when and where they need it most.
Leading the way with the design and implementation of AR technology for the FM sector, Seeable are amongst a small handful of organisations in the UK that are already providing AR, visualisation and futuristic infrastructure technology solutions to the industry. Delivering incredible results for customers across the country and beyond, the potential of Seeable’s trailblazing technology and the application of visualisation technologies across training, Health & Safety, security (to name but a few) contexts has already been flagged as being significant to the future of UK business growth and prosperity by the British government.

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