Interactive 3D site plan for Oxford Science Park

Oxford Science Park have commissioned a series of interactive 3D Apps from SEEABLE to create a next generation showcase of the site and the striking new Schrodinger building.

Interactive site plan marketing suiteEven the source data capture was state of the art on this project, using  1,000,000 points per second mobile mapping reality capture from our Sister company Severn Partnership.

Mobile mapping reality capture

Mobile mapping reality capture

Piers Scrimshaw-Wright, managing director, The Oxford Science Park said:

Our development plans are ambitious, and it is only right that we have used state of the art technology to bring our plans to life, and portray a high level vision for the Park. The visualisations produced by the Severn Partnership and Seeable are simply brilliant. (Source)

Having mapped the science park in record time, this scan data was then used as the accurate base readings to create a 3D site plan with existing occupied buildings, roads paths and the landscaped grounds.   This base model then provides the first benefit which is being able to accurately visualise any new proposed buildings in 3D on the site.  Giving potential new tenants a virtual reality style experience and seeing Architectural designs in situ on the site.

Instead of using AR & immersive VR, leveraged the latest technology from Promultis so our interactive 3D site plan was running on a 4K resolution 75″ capacitative touchscreen.  Exploring around the site is by multi touch interface, Icons for key building metrics and proposed future development plots.  Even merging the virtual with the actual ‘street view’ type 360 pano images of key locations.

Interactive site plan marketing suiteWith the Science park site plan created, the latest Architectural design of the striking Schrodinger Building was added.  The Interactive 3D App for Schrodinger building enabled walkthrough animations, automatic levelling views and a master ‘teleport list’ allowing the user to jump to set key locations like the roof terrace.  The aim; to allow simple, non technical exploring of the Architectural design – so much better than conventional animations or CGI images.

3D design visualisation with ‘teleport’ icons bottom left

With the Internet of things (IoT) a hot topic for tech advance, this 3d site plan is the first of a new breed of visualisation apps which can be expanded to visualise data just like smart city projects.  In the future, buildings and sites will create IoT data for everything from energy use to bus timetables, parking spaces or EV charging locations.  A crystal ball prediction or science fiction becoming science fact ?  You can decide, but either way, the science park is riding the wave of technological advance and future proofing itself en route.

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”  William Gibson

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