Interactive 3D Visualisation (i3D)

Interactive Visualisation (i3D) !

We have heard of immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), so what are interactive 3D visualisations?    Well there isn’t an official acronym, so we came up with one. i3D, which is An app that allows users to ‘explore a 3D environment without glasses, goggles or mobile device cameras’.

The immediate benefit of an interactive 3D visualisation is that you can engage multiple people at once instead of one at a time in VR.  So for training, briefings, site inductions or marketing presentations, i3D provides the perfect medium for communication. i3D is significantly more engaging than a conventional powerpoint or video presentation!

How can I interact with an interactive 3D visualisation App?

The Seeable App development team make all visualisations as non-technical and intuitive as possible.  The idea is to be able to explore, view and access information as easily as possible.  Without the need for instructions or complex software installations.  Mouse or touch controls are used and bespoke navigation icons are embedded in scenes.  Users can view in walkaround mode, birdseye view or jump into 360 panoramic images to visualise actual site conditions.

i3D Apps are delivered direct to mobile devices, uploaded to the App stores or sent via our secure download portal to use on PCs, Macs or Laptops.    What would be the conventional way of reviewing this data? Plans, elevations, sections, static 3D models or at best, a flythrough video of the proposed 3D design. i3D offers a much wider spectrum of interaction with your data.

Still confused?  Watch the video below of an example application in action…

Interactive 3D site plan for marketing suite from SEEABLE on Vimeo.

Who is it for ?

i3D Apps can be used by anyone wanting to showcase a product, building, site or town master plan.  They are simple enough for sales teams and company MD’s to use and liberate 3D content which is usually the preserve of technical experts. Areas using i3D include:

– Design professionals in the AEC community for review design options

– Stakeholder Engagement meetings

– Public consultations

– Sales & Marketing teams

– Conference showcases

– Safety briefing & training

Suggested options you could ask for:

* Walk through mode

* Orbit mode

* Icons, Tickboxes, bespoke menus

* Animated Flythroughs

* Turn elements on or off (walls, ceilings, structural components, M&E)

* Add a set flythrough path to ‘play’ if required

* Teleport to set places or rooms

* Embed panoramic images

* Play MP4 videos on virtual walls

* Time slider – show construction sequences or phased developments over time

* 3D banner text

* Hyperlinks to PDFs

What’s your use case?

Do you need to give briefings for safety-critical work, give a fantastic presentation, market a new product, improve visual communication, or engage stakeholders in a way that does not send them to sleep?

Whatever the need, consider how you can prevent wasted data from your companies existing workflows.

All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create a bespoke visualisation app for you that eliminates complex paper plans, allowing simple, non-technical access to complex data.

Want to create your own interactive 3D App ?

Call 01743 875 001tweet or email the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.