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BIM & Health and Safety CIC event – SEEABLE Talk

BIM & Health and Safety CIC event The Construction Industry Council is due to hold an event on 10th September to look at how Building Information modelling can aid in pushing for improvements in safety... read more

Laser scanning on site

3D Laser scanning & the Severn Partnership

Severn Who ? So where do 3D laser scanning and the Severn Partnership fit in ? SEEABLE LLP is a sister company to the established Chartered Geomatics company Severn Partnership Ltd. By using the 3D laser scanningĀ and... read more

What is Games Based Learning (GBL) ?

Games Based Learning (GBL) is also known as ‘Serious Games‘ Wikipedia describes it as: “games explicitly designed with educational purposes” and “gamesĀ that are designed to teach people about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand... read more

Plant M&E APP

Plant Room M&E BIM Interactive Visualisation

SEEABLE plant room base APP from SEEABLE on Vimeo.   Re-cycling Building Information Modelling (BIM) data to create an interactive SEEABLE plant APP. 3D laser scanning on site to create a high accuracy point cloud of the... read more

SEEABLE is out in the wild ……

SEEABLE is up and running….   But what is it ! SEEABLE was created to bring the world of 3D to the masses, allowing non technical access to complex 3D data in an intuitive APP environment –... read more