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Laser scanning on site

3D Laser scanning & the Severn Partnership

Severn Who ? So where do 3D laser scanning and the Severn Partnership fit in ? SEEABLE LLP is a sister company to the established Chartered Geomatics company Severn Partnership Ltd. By using the 3D laser scanningĀ and... read more

What is Games Based Learning (GBL) ?

Games Based Learning (GBL) is also known as ‘Serious Games‘ Wikipedia describes it as: “games explicitly designed with educational purposes” and “gamesĀ that are designed to teach people about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand... read more

Plant M&E APP

Plant Room M&E BIM Interactive Visualisation

SEEABLE plant room base APP from SEEABLE on Vimeo.   Re-cycling Building Information Modelling (BIM) data to create an interactive SEEABLE plant APP. 3D laser scanning on site to create a high accuracy point cloud of the... read more

SEEABLE is out in the wild ……

SEEABLE is up and running….   But what is it ! SEEABLE was created to bring the world of 3D to the masses, allowing non technical access to complex 3D data in an intuitive APP environment –... read more