Scan > model > visualise in Augmented Reality

Scan > model > visualise in AR 

There is there a better way to visualise your 3D data; technology has moved on and so has marketing media to engage your clients & customers.  Read on to see how we can go from laserscanning to 3D modelling to Augmented Reality (AR) App as a next level deliverable….

3D Laserscanning has been around since the 1990’s and is one of the best ways to create accurate three dimensional models for buildings, infrastructure and basically, if it doesn’t move, you can scan it !  The scanning team from our Sister company Severn Partnership were on site for just one day to laserscan the train inside and out.  This scan cloud was then used as the accurate base data for high accuracy 3D modelling the external train body and accessible internal engine; taking just over a week.

This 3D model then goes to the Seeable visualisation development team who create the AR App you see below:

AR Marketing – bespoke Augmented Reality Apps from SEEABLE

Our App development team agree a user interface, interactions, animations, icons & branding to visualise the 3D data to best effect.  We then distribute the bespoke App in a way to best suit your needs. This can be delivered direct to individual devices Apple or Android), via an email link to download & Install (Android only) or to the Apple App store or Android Google play store for anyone to download.

The black and white ‘AR’ marker shown above acts to scale and align the AR model.  This can be a printout, mouse mat, branded logo, as long as the deal is clear, and has enough detail to pass our AR marker test.  We also can code the App to use a random magazine cover by taking an in app photo or the cover and using that as the marker.

What’s your use case ?

Do you need to showcase heavy plant or machinery without shipping it to a conference?  Break apart a complex machine to explain how the component parts work?  Highlight design USPs to aid your sale reps?

All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create a bespoke AR app for you that eliminates complex paper plans spread out can allows simple non technical access to complex data.

Want to create your own interactive AR App ?

Call 01743 875 001, tweet or email the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.