What are SEEABLE maps?

Want to add more value & use to a 2D floorplan, elevation or topographical survey?  Then consider a SEEABLE map which allows you to visualise a plan with high resolution panoramic images embedded to correlate the survey and the site reality.

We take your 2D data in PDF or CAD formats and create interactive apps that are simple to navigate, intuitive to use and require zero training.  Why not take the data usually held by Architects and engineers and make it available for safety teams and facilities managers in a format that makes it useful.

How do we do it ?

1. Send us a 2D CAD floorplan, topo survey or a 3D BIM. Or our Sister company Severn Partnership can survey it for you!

2. We then augment it with:

  • 360 Panoramic images
  • Photos
  • Locate safety hazards (sharps, asbestos, live electrical equipment)
  • Georeferenced accidents
  • Exploration of a 3D model within the same App.

What are the benefits?

Save site visits –  which waste valuable management time showing contractors around the site.

Better tender information –  allowing site familiarity without hundreds of photos in a folder that are unintelligible.

Intuitive safety briefings – for contractor/staff inductions, using the app to locate hazards, past incidents and safe/unsafe zones.

Better Visualisation – of space in 2D or 3D if you have a model or BIM to view.

Simple, non-technical – we test our apps on 6 yr olds and 80 yr olds, even your board of directors could use one!

Environmentally friendly – it is 2018 do we really need to print out more maps & plans and wasting fuel on unnecessary site visits. When all of this can be done with one app?

What if I want….

It is bespoke, so what we create is specifically tailored to your needs.  Let us know what your use for a seeable map is and we can advise on the type of content that would be useful for your team.  This way, we can tailor the apps for facilities managers, or safety professionals.

SEEABLE maps can be published to work on a tablet, laptop or desktop. IOS or Android, Mac or PC.

Project examples:

See some examples of maps made previously…

NetworkRail station

SEEABLEmap created from topographical survey

SEEABLEmap Station App - basic 1

SEEABLEmap 360 pano image


SEEABLE Infrastructure App


SEEABLEmap 360 pano image

Want to know more ?   Then get in touch now to talk through your requirements to make your project SEEABLE – email / Tweet us  !