SEEABLE Visualisation – simple as ABC or CAD

SEEABLE interactive 3D Visualisation – as simple as ABC, or ‘CAD’

CAD stands for ‘computer aided design, but for the SEEABLE team, it also defines our simple workflow to deliver a next generation visualisation app to your team.  We can guide you and explain the options of available technology and App creation which will inject a shot of innovation into your business.


The Value Proposition?

We help you stand out in a crowded marketplace where catching and keeping people’s attention is is paramount.

We enable simple, non technical communication of complex spaces or data

We improve logistics through situational awareness and site visualisation

We safeguard staff through safety & briefing innovations

We bring our innovation and research skills to find the best new tech solutions


It’s as simple as C>A>D:

C – Create a 3D base model: We use existing 3D design data or reality capture techniques to create a textured 3D environment.

A – Augment with geo referenced info points, hazards, incidents, ‘how to’ video, embedded 360 pano images, detailed overlays

D – Distribute  by browser, mobile phone, tablet, PC, Mac or touchscreen.  All simple to access with o training, software install or complexed licences to battle with.

We have a selection of SEEABLE interactive 3D (i3D) App deliverables for a variety of use cases, all succeeding in improving access to information, visualisation of space and communication in an intuitive, engaging 3D environment.

> SEEABLE Product visualisation showcase for mobile sales teams,

> SEEABLE  Events visualisation AR, VR & Presentation tools to give your event the wow factor

> SEEABLE Safety visualisation for HSQE professionals

> SEEABLE Knowledge management for facility, factory & industrial use

> SEEABLE Engagement for stakeholders & communications internally & externally

> SEEABLE site plans for new builds, business parks, University Campus, Masterplans


All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create an interactive 3D visualisation app for you that eliminates complex paper plans spread out can allows simple non technical access to complex data.

Want to create your own interactive 3D App ?

Call +44(0)1952 607 747, tweet or email the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.