Visualisation for corporate memory & knowledge management

Corporate or Organisational memory…

is the accumulated body of data, information, and knowledge created in the course of an individual organisation’s existence.  Sounds simple, but get it wrong and knowledge is locked in the head of individuals and the lessons of the past are potential pitfalls to employees of the future.

We can learn from these mistakes, but the corporate benefit comes from sharing that knowledge so the same mistake is not repeated to cause re-work, delays or safety incidents.  The current drive save costs through innovations in all areas should include visual communication tools as technology has moved on to enable new ways of working.

How can Visualisation help ?

Simple – by acting as a visual aid to memory (knowledge management)  and Geo-referencing past accidents and potential hazards.  In this way we can create new visual tools that allow for briefing of corporate ‘lessons learnt’.  Speeding up site inductions, contractor briefings, safety training or group training.

Experiential learning infographic

Experiential learning infographic

People tend to not to pay attention in briefings and get turned off by large piles of paperwork.  As the graphic above shows, the ability to take in information when presented in an simple visual form increases, and they quickly understand the information being presented.

Add to this the fact that hazards and dangers are usually listed, but not explicitly geo-located on plans and an interactive 3D visualisation becomes a very powerful tool for corporate knowledge management.  How much easier is it to click an accident summary button and see all previous incidents and reported near misses located with icons on the screen.  Which also allows safety managers to start to correlate not just type of incidents, but actual hot spot locations as well.

How can I customise a visualisation?

Everyone’s requirements are bespoke to their individual company which is why our visualisation apps can be customised to suit.  Layers of 2D or 3D information can be incorporated, along with 3D CAD or BIM (Building Information Model) if available.  Otherwise, we can embed knowledge in the form of…

  • scrollable PDFs
  • mp4 video
  • Jpeg images
  • 360 panoramic images
  • coloured zones
  • banner text
  • icons for hazards, incidents, close call locations
  • high voltage areas exclusions or safe working 3D volumes

How can I distribute my visualisation?

The Seeable development team create visualisations suitable for the end use case.  Apps can be delivered to the App stores (Apple & Google) or direct to individual devices.  In this way, group training or presentations can be given from a mobile device plugged into a large screen, TV or projector.  For more complex datasets, PC or Mac Apps are preferable.

  • PC or Mac
  • Tablet or phone
  • Direct to device or upload to App stores
  • Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) experiences

What’s your use case?

Do you need to give briefings for safety critical work,  record locations of accidents & close calls, improve visual communication for better logistics and avoiding unnecessary delays?  Give planners awareness of actual site conditions using 360 panoramic images, save management time visiting site with a virtual tour?  Whatever the need, consider how you can cut out waste from your companies existing workflows.

All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create a bespoke visualisation app for you that eliminates complex paper plans spread out can allows simple non technical access to complex data.

Want to create your own interactive 3D App ?

Call 01743 875 001, tweet or email the SEEABLE team who can advise on hardware, user experience, content and delivery.